Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year.
Welcome 2013 Good Bye Bless Year of 2012.
Memory of 2012
*Start working
*Leave the ‘Lepaking and Wasting Time’ World
*Break Up with my mr.Love
*A Champion for Playoff
*Active Back in Futsal
*Start to Play Badminton and Swimming Again
*Got a lot of Things That Been ‘dream’ before
*Champion for Taylor Open Jackpot Madness
*Got a lot of ‘luka’ During Sport
*Cut My Long Hair to Be a Handsome Ally (MENYESAL)
*Moving Out Twice In A Year
*Got My ‘L’ License for Motorcycle and Car
Okey that’s all I can remember for now but I’m sure 2012 is a great year for me even yeah ada tangisan, gelak tawa, lawak jenaka dan pelbagai lagi perasaan yang melanda but still mensyukuri segala yang diberikan olehNYA!

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