Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm Selfish
Yes sometime a women only care about her own feeling. She want to be understood but don't want to understand. She said only she gave everything but didn't get back any in return. She LOVE more than anyone ever loved you. But that's sometime...

At one time she a bit impatient on what she want. She just can wait as you said 'later'. She want it to be happen on the time when she said she want it. She said that 'there is no time for tomorrow'. But that's sometime...

A Little Insecure
What would it be? Where are you? I'm just fine wish she is not actually okey. But that's sometimes...

Make Mistake
She is a human not a super human, and because the fact that she is a HUMAN so se did make mistakes. Everytime everyday. Even she try not to do any mistake but sorry she did it! Bt that's sometime...

Out of Control
Sometime she just don't want to listen to anybody. When she mad she just brust it out as she like. She will run away when she feel she need to run away. But that's sometimes...

Hard to Handle
Well a women sometime is soft as a feather, but sometime she is as hard as a rock. When she is 'ROCK' it is a very hard time to handle her. All the things happened is a right thing to do. Everything is your fault but not her's. But that's sometime..

But take note,if a GUY can't handle a WOMEN at her WORST, so that GUY is not WORTH at her BEST!

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