Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It is indeed not an easy thing to change who we use to be, to be who we wanted to be. Get it? As for me i have my own story from who i am before and today. Since i was a little girl, all my doing is all boyish doing. Until me myself wanted to a guy *Indeed i feel and think that I'm a guy*. Time flies and back in my secondary school days, i am who they call "PENGKID". Short hair, hide all the thing that a girl have and try to be a PERFECT guy. Guess what? I'm success with flying colors as a guy that day.

Finished my SPM, I've decided to change myself to be a real girl. A girl that people can call a girl. Going to IPT open my mind to the real world. Met a many kind of personality and on. Thank GOD He show me the way. Nice memory how I'm trying to keep my hair grow, buying girls stuff and lol can't state everything here. And today I am 'ally' with sport girl style, and try to be better and better every single day!

I feel so sorry for those that are still in "that" world. I hope they will find their way of life and live better. But i never ever condemn them to choose who they wanted to be and i will always be there guide them and support them. =) 

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