Thursday, May 19, 2011


Meeting new person everyday is normal. We will get to know people we don't even know everyday. From nobody will be somebody in our life. We have to choose the right person to be our friend,best friend or even special friend. But it is not a reason for us to play with others heart. Make them feel special or something. We should explain everything at the first place. Although we did explain everything, we have to aware of  our action. If we think he/her is just a friend, so act as a friend to him/her. If he/she is special for you, so make them feel special. But its not a wrong thing to do if we ever try to love someone that we think is only a friend to us. At least give them chances to show what they felt toward you. Not just, ask for his/her help when you are in trouble. What type of person you are? I'm not going to answer that. It is your decision to be who you are. But remember, we do try and failed. But we never failed to try.Everyday try is always the hardest.

  • Losing friend
  • Add list of enemy
  • People think negative about you
  • You are not worth it

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